We are a task force of the Euroweb Group and have taken up the cause of making daily life easier for our partners.

Even if we help our partners out with established online tools, e. g. websites, web analyses and an editorial department, the huge term “online” holds so much more potential. And “online” is exactly our bag!

With Melon Booking we have developed a tool for online appointment booking which brings together what belongs together: prospective customers and free appointments. Simply, clearly and flexibly.

VidyuFrontend Developer

A cheer for front-end developers! Because they have to implement what others came up with and are thus strongly involved in the developing process.

DominikUI/UX Management

Dom is in charge of keeping the system simple for the user. The focus is not only on creative aspects, but especially on the simplification of functionalities.

ChrisUser Interface Developer

In collaboration with Vidyu Chris has visualised all wishes of the interface in an optimal way. Sadly he has quit the team, but his successor is in no way inferior.

PetkoDevelopment Coordinator

Our coordinator Petko always keeps track and caters for smooth work flows and the perfect interaction of all departments.

MitkoHead of Developers

When it comes to data bases and API administration, Mitko is our man. He ascertains that the front-end developers lack nothing.

DenisWidget Developer

In order that customers can make a booking directly on your website, Denis has developed the widget. In fact in such a way that the embedding is easy-peasy.

NedyalkoHead of Quality Assurance

The testers are a major part of our team. They track down every mistake during the development and make sure that the final product runs irreproachably.

MehmedEco System Integration

Our internal tools and processes are called Eco System. For a smooth run of the Melon Booking Eco System, Mehmed has perfectly embedded it.


Certainly, the public image is important even to us melon heads. Thus, Vera has masterminded our logo and website. Awesome, right?!

IvoAPI Development

Ivo works as a lead for Mitko on the API and thus has an overview of the entire project structure. Even if the frontend team once again has the funniest ideas.

Thank you very much to

  • Ivan
  • Stayko
  • Marc
  • Marco
  • Duy
  • Robert
  • Andrei
  • Jasmin

You're also a team player?

Of course we are always happy about new reinforcements.

  • Experience with systems like Drupal or WordPress
  • Interested in technologies such as NodeJS, Git
  • Fun to develop from small websites to large applications
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